The small Ionian island of Ithaca in Greece is filled with musicians and artists who have escaped the city without wallowing in hippidom. Something about this insignificant island attracts sensibilities that are a little off the wall, alternative and extreme.from gothic to beats, landscape to surreal. It makes for an interesting mix of characters, music and art..

lola demo alternative music written, performed and recorded on ithaca greece. Inspired by relocation, anticipation and frustration.
lola demo is Erika Bach (ex-Creature Creature 1984 - 1986, Ape the Cry 1986 - 1991 and Hard Candy 1992 - 2002) The lola demo project started when Erika moved to the Greek Island of Ithaca in 2002. With cubase, vocals, guitar, piano and samples, each year lola demo explores a different musical genre in her home studio on ithaca greece. lola demo has recorded 1 EP and 5 full length cds. Beat Me Up, Letting Go, Retro Bitch and Strung Out and 2 new cds in 2009 - zero and Leave That Girl Alone. . For more cd information visit .. Listen and Buy lola demo

Ester van Zuylen Born in The Hague , Netherlands . 1951. Since 2004 She lives in Greece, on the Ionian island of Ithaki . Part of her childhood was spent in North and South America and Asia .This influenced her work. Ester studied to become an art teacher and graduated in 1975.. Teaching art (handicrafts and drawing) at schools and art-centres took up most of her time. Later she felt the need to expand her possibilities.

She d additional courses in figure and portrait drawing, clay sculpture and silkscreen printing, then started to paint with oils and acrylics, and had her first exhibitions. She is interested in the symbolic and spiritual aspect of art from every part of the world and of all times. By using symbolic images she tries to find the connection between cultures, past and present, universal and individual symbolism. Mythical archetypes, animals and forces of nature are her subjects. When Ester first came to Ithaki, she painted images from folklore, nature and history on rounded pebbles, made hanging sculptures from natural materials that were found during her walks. and was fascinated with geometry and light resulting in a few small mandala-like paintings. During 2007 and 2008 her attention has been drawn to icons, and the role they play in present and past Greek religion.
Headcharge is Demetri Vlass' Ithacan music project. Warning - This is not Pop Music. Demetri was guitarist and bass player in Hard Candy 1992 - 2002 and after moving to Ithaca, the magical greek island in the Ionian, he left the 'Live' circuit to pursue anything and everything that interested him in music through recording his Headcharge projects. Turn your amp up to 12 and have a listen to some tracks at
Klara Koitler lives in Sarakiniko, the area originally inhabited by a German commune in the 70s, in the south Ithaca for most of the time, but has her Studio is in the mountain village of Exoghi in the north of the island, where she paints two days per week. She finds the natural and traditional village environment calm and inspiring. Klara has exhibited her works since 1997. You can visit her for contact and purchase details.
IthakiCam (formerly known as LefkiCam) is the only webcam on Ithaca, a small Greek island in the Ionian Sea. The cam sits on the roof of Riens house in Stavros, a village in the north of the island, 175 meters above sea level. For more info  No Longer in Service
Yintan is a mix of Rien Post, computers, and software that allows a geek to construct noisy electronic music. Some consider it trance, others prefer the description "endless thuds". Guaranteed bouzouki-free and not to be played at tea parties.
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